Two years in June, all of my AG series came to life. Crazy right? Hunter even put me on for the AG mixtape series. Two years and some months later, “In The Lobby” was the hit. I was recording the drums for a couple minutes in my music school until my ride was there to take me home. Two years, dude. My song “Vision” was the hit, also. Even “Pardon Me” sound like some YG and Kendrick sh**. I was on Audiotool sprinkling some classics. Three years ago, I was working on one of my own favorite EP, with my songs including “Boys X Girls” and “September”. Three years ago and some month, I love “Broad Daylight”. I take the bus to school listening to that sh**! [I wanna go back to FL Studio so bad.] Three years ago and few months ago, and no racism, but sh** went weird when I was naming a song after some Asian chicks. Mid-2016, I worked on the Rebirth compilation album, “Back To The Sun” is like my main N.E.R.D. vibes. Re-released it later in April 2017 and made it a studio record at the time, and even Lights, Camera, Action” is still the N.E.R.D. vibes, and it reminds me of a ‘Tape You’ sequel. In like the beginning of 2015, bruh, sh** was tough, I mentioned this chick from 2014. I could’ve been called a misogynistic but I really wasn’t. Had too much crush on that chick. But still a couple months and like two years later (I think), I got over it. Oh yeah. The “3.7 EP” joint was like a seed or a physical reproduction. I was giving the people and myself some more and more. “Black Butterfly EP” was cool. And “Access Granted 3” was such a summertime fishing, and kind of a sexy street vibe for me. The song “HOUSE” was a lil’ bit lo-fi with like 62% emo rock type shit. And like I was talking about “Vision” in 2016. When I made that song, that was supposed to sound like [Tyler] in 2014, but not really. Probably cause of the soundfonts and some Timbaland drum kits I was using before. I forgot to mention the “Chill” song. I made it three years ago. In the original version, I added some random plucks, I was straight up using J Dilla drum kits, but I didn’t add no bass until the remix in 2016. I remember working on the compilation edition of “Don’t Judge Me”. Three years old. My favorite song is ‘Together 2.’ Now PAUSE on this one, this might be personal for me. But I’ve been playing that on the bus, daydreaming and having an erection, which is crazy AF. (Like I was saying before, I was a freshman, taking the bus to school bumping Broad Daylight, In Search Of… and Together 2.) “Where Were You” was my favorite song I made in 2016. Part two and three also. The first one was 20% rock and like 80% lo-fi N.E.R.D. alternative. “Untitled Part II” (from the so-called ‘Something Else’ mixtape), seems like the original, with the same drum pattern. And for me, “Let’s Hold Hands” was like post-Broad Daylight in 2016. I love the “You Know What I Mean” track from AG2. Hunter was the homeboy from Texas who known me for my track from T.O.E, 'Lord Knows'. And a couple moments later, he was mastering my joint and turned it into my favorite MC Lyte remix of all time, and it has so many plays on SoundCloud. “First Love” was a Kelis style song. I made “TYOB” in 2016 and sampled Daft Punk the first time. One of the Daft Punk and Stardust fans put me on for that sh**, too.

- via Twitter & Tumblr.
(w/ the upcoming independent artist, Dom Green)

ALJ: RECAP.ram is my first greatest hits project ever. Few compilations of my old music from 2015 to now.

Dom Green: That’s a great idea! How’d you come up with the name?

ALJ: Came up with the name, y’know, it’s an inspiration from one of my own favorite mixtapes Access Granted 2.
I always wanted to take myself back down memory lane. In 2016, I was going in. I started MUSH in 2015, ya dig?
I called it RECAP.ram for some type of reason. I even post my memories of how I was getting started,
and how I compare some of my song to N.E.R.D/The Neptunes, J Dilla, whoever.
It was fun for me. Like I was saying last time, I was daydreaming while
listening to my own music. You ever daydream about your idols when
you listen to your own music and compare the music to these artists?

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